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Air Quality

Today, the county superintendent met with superintendents from the county’s school districts to establish a set of guidelines to help schools determine when to close due to air quality concerns.

We recognize that parents have a range of concerns when it comes to school closures, from the safety of their children when air quality is bad, to the difficulty finding childcare when school is closed. We recognize the same concerns apply to school staff. School districts sought to balance these concerns along with the best guidance available from the EPA, CDC, and county health department when agreeing on these guidelines. These guidelines also reflect that fact that air quality is most often better at school than at home. Most schools have high-quality air filtration systems, while many homes do not.

Here is a letter from County Superintendent Steve Herrington explaining the guidelines: https://www.scoe.org/…/Air_Quality_Guidelines_Community_Mem…

Here are the actual guidelines: https://www.scoe.org/…/Sonoma_County_Schools_Air_Quality_Gu…