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Office Hours

M - F 7:30 - 4

School Hours:

8:30 - 2:55 Mon., Wed., Thurs., Fri. 8:30 - 2:00 Tuesday

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Parking Lot Safety

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Dear Families,

In order to keep our students safe at all times throughout the day, including at the start and ending times of school, we are asking for your assistance. 

  • Students are not to be on campus prior  to 8AM or after the final dismissal bell, at 2:55 PM (2:00 PM pm Tuesdays)
    • Information about “before and after school care” is available at the main school office.
  • There is no drop-off of students in the school’s front parking lot at the beginning of the school day (7:30-8:35 AM)
    • Additionally, there is no pick up of students in the front parking lot at the end of the school day.
  • At the back school parking lot, please DO NOT park, double park, or vacate your vehicle along the painted  “Loading Zone Only” curb. 
    • This area is just for a quick loading and unloading opportunity at the beginning and end of the school day.
    • Please circle around until you can safely pull to the curb to pick up or drop off your child.
    • When doing so, pull all the way forward along the curb toward Travis Road making space available behind your car for others.
    • Children must wait at least two feet back from the curb’s edge until your car comes to a complete stop. 
    • Students may never walk out into the roadway, or between cars to get into your vehicle.
  • Forestville School is a “closed campus” (see Parent Handbook).
    • If you plan to be on campus between 8:00-8:35AM for any reason, you must register at the main office and pick up a Visitor Pass.
    • If you plan on coming onto campus at any time, for any purpose after school has started, and prior to the dismissal bell at 2:55 PM (2:00 PM on Tuesdays), you must first register at the main office and pick up a Visitor Pass
    • In following these procedures, you will help us know who is on our campus and keep students, staff, and visitors safe while school is in session.
  • No animals are allowed on school grounds at any time.

Please help us set a good example for our students by always following these safety procedures!!