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6321 Highway 116, Forestville CA 95436





Office Hours

M - F 7:30 - 4

School Hours:

8:30 - 2:55 Monday, Wednesday, & Friday

8:30 - 2:00 Tuesday & Thursday

Our Staff

District Office Staff

Superintendent - Phyllis Parisi
Phyllis Parisi
Jennifer Hegenbart
District Secretary - Cristy Simmons
Cristy Simmons
District Secretary  
CBO - Diane Hughes
Diane Hughes
Operations & Facilities Manager - Jackie Bertero
Jackie Bertero
Operations & Facilities Manager  

Support Staff and Student Services

Fran Oliver
Office Manager/ Health Tech
Food Service Coordinator - Julie Apodaca
Julie Apodaca
Food Service Coordinator
Activity Program Coordinator - Linda Strauss
Linda Strauss
Activity Programs Coordinator
Librarian - Elizabeth Koebsell
Elizabeth Koebsell
Psychologist - Eric Dick
Eric Dick
Psychologist - Debra Kuziari
Debra Kuziari
Pic of Linda Schuster
Linda Schuster
Speech Therapist
Deanna Williamson
Behavioral Support Aide
Behavioral Support Aide - Sherry Rupp
Sherry Rupp
Behavioral Support Aide
Rachelle Groves
Rachelle Groves
Paraprofessional - Shawn Teichert
Shawn Teichert
Paraprofessional - Brittney Paraschos
Brittany Paraschos
Paraprofessional - Terra Del Drago
Terra Del Drago
Paraprofessional - Laurel Highland
Laurel Highland
Paraprofessional - Colleen Decker
Colleen Decker
Assistant Preschool Director - Carole Sisomphou
Carole Sisomphou
Assistant Preschool Director
Preschool Teacher - Clare Sheets
Clare Sheets
Preschool Teacher
woman 3 clipart
Erica St. Clair
Lead Day Care Aide II
Bibiana Drury
ELL Coordinator
Custodian - Dean Wright
Dean Wright
Custodian II
Custodian - Jorge Porfirio
Jorge Porfirio
Custodian I

Teaching Staff

Teacher - Talia Kilburn
Talia Kilburn
TK/Kindergarten Teacher
Teacher - Tasha Smith
Tasha Smith
TK/Kindergarten Teacher
Teacher - Noelle Huberty
Noelle Huberty
1st Grade Teacher
Teacher - Diane Forsell
Diane Forsell
1st Grade Teacher
Teacher - Marni Self
Marni Self
2nd Grade Teacher
Teacher - Melissa Haviland
Melissa Haviland
2nd Grade Teacher
Teacher - Chelsea Ehrlich
Chelsea Ehrlich
3rd Grade Teacher
Teacher - Anne Fox
Anne Fox
3rd Grade Teacher
Teacher - Kim Andrews
Kim Andrews
4th Grade Teacher
Teacher - Ashley Symmonds
Ashley Symmonds
4th Grade Teacher
Ramona Robertson
RSP Teacher
Teacher - Paul Huberty
Paul Huberty
5th/6th Grade Teacher
Teacher - Ryan Strauss
Ryan Strauss
5th/6th Grade Teacher
Teacher - Bonnie Thomasson
Bonnie Thomasson
5th/6th Grade Teacher
Technology Specialist - Cisco Piazzo
Cisco Piazzo
Technology Specialist  
Music Teacher - Gina Graziano
Gina Graziano
Music/Movement Teacher
Art Teacher - Casey Mackin
Casey Mackin
Art/Movement Teacher