6321 Highway 116, Forestville CA 95436





Office Hours

M - F 7:30 - 4

School Hours:

8:30 - 2:55 Mon., Wed., Thurs., Fri. 8:30 - 2:00 Tuesday


  • Who do I call if my child is going to be absent or late to school?

Please call the school @ (707) 887-2279 x1.  Please try to call before 9AM, especially if your student is going to need a school lunch.


  • It’s my child’s birthday, can I bring a treat to class?

We love to celebrate children’s birthdays! Our Board Policy is to ask parents to bring in non-sweet, store bought, treats.  We are happy to have you bring in a fruit or veggie plate, stickers, or some other small token, but please no cupcakes or cookies! Please check with your child’s teacher before you plan something. Also, please note that any celebrating will take place after lunch.


  • I love to bake, can I make something for the class?

Due to the risk of life threatening allergens, our school board has decided that all food served to our students needs to be prepared in a commercial kitchen with the ingredients listed.


  • What is the school policy on personal electronic devices?

We understand many families wish to provide their children with the security of a cell phone or other device.  We ask that during school hours, your child’s devices be powered off and stored in their backpack.  Phone calls can be made from the office at any time. The school is not responsible for any items lost or stolen.


  • My child will be out of school for more than 5 days in a row.  What should I do?

If you need to take your child out of school for 5 or more days you can file an Application for Independent Study and make an appointment to meet with an Administrator at least two weeks prior to your departure.  Applications may be picked up at the main office.


  • Where do I drop-off and pick-up my child?

Please use the back parking lot, which is accessible by Travis Road for all student drop-off and pick-ups.  There is a loading zone along the curb, or if you prefer to walk your child to class, please use the convenient parking spaces.  Please remember that a valid placard or designated license plate is required at all times in disabled parking areas.


  • Why do I need to sign-in at the office when I am visiting campus?

In case of an emergency, the main office needs to know who is on campus at all times.  It is also an important part of our campus security for our staff to be able to identify visitors by their visitor name tags.  Anyone on campus not wearing a visitor’s badge will be stopped by staff members.


  • Why can’t I call directly to the classroom to speak to the teacher or my student?

It is extremely disruptive to teachers to have to answer the phone in the middle of their lessons.  If you need to speak to a teacher, the office can transfer you to their voicemail.  If you need to speak to your student, the office can call your student up to call you back.


  • What is the best way to get current information from the school?

The easiest way to get current information from the school is to visit our website at www.forestvilleusd.org.  You can also follow our facebook page: Forestville School & Academy.  Also, make sure you are receiving the weekly bulletin through our One-call system.


  • Can I post pictures of student activities on social media?

We are so happy to have parent volunteers to help on field trips and events such as our annual Harvest Fair.  We understand that the students on our campus often look adorable and you want to share them with your extended group.  However, we ask that you do not share any pictures that include anyone other than your own child.  We have several families who do not want their children’s images used digitally.


  • My child says that they are having a problem with another student.  Who do I contact?

Forestville School has a zero tolerance policy.  Please contact the office at (707) 887-2279 to alert the administration about the problem.


  • We don’t live in Forestville School District, what do we need to do for our student to attend Forestville School?

In order for your out-of-district student to attend Forestville School, you will need to fill out an interdistrict transfer at your school of residence.  Once your school of residence has released your student,  Forestville will approve your transfer if we have space in the grade you are requesting.


  • What is the cut-off date for my child to be enrolled in Transitional Kindergarten?

Your child must be turning 5 years old by February 2, 2023 in order to register for Transitional Kindergarten beginning in August 2022.


  • When can I register my child for Kindergarten?

Forestville School will take your contact information for incoming Kindergarten students at any time.  We hold our annual Kinder Fair in April


  • What paperwork do I need to enroll my child at Forestville School?

In order to enroll at Forestville School, you will need to show: proof of age, current immunization records, a current doctor’s physical, proof of dentist visit (for Kinders), and either proof of residency or an approved interdistrict transfer.


  • Can I request a specific teacher that I want my child to have next year?

If you would like to have input about which teacher your child is placed with, please write out the reasons you are requesting the specific teacher and drop it off in the school office.  It will be considered along with several other criteria in deciding class placement for your student.