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Know Your Rights


Complaint Procedures

Individuals, agencies, organizations, students, and interested third parties have the right to file a complaint regarding a public education agency’s alleged violation of federal and state law including allegations of unlawful discrimination in specified programs and activities that receive state or federal funding. Such complaints include allegations that the local educational agency has failed to implement a student’s individual education program (IEP). Complaints must be filed in writing with the appropriate compliance officer identified below. Complaints alleging discrimination must be filed not later than six months from the date the alleged discrimination occurred or the date the complainant first obtained knowledge of the facts of the alleged discrimination, unless the time for filing is extended by the Superintendent of Public Instruction.

In accordance with adopted procedures, complaints will be investigated and a written decision sent to the complainant within sixty (60) days. If the complainant is not satisfied with the local educational agency’s decision, the complainant may file within fifteen (15) days of receipt of the decision a written appeal with the California Department of Education in Sacramento, California. A copy of the local educational agency’s policy and complaint procedures may be obtained through the superintendent’s office.

Complainants also may pursue available civil law remedies, including, but not limited to, injunctions, restraining orders, or other orders in federal or state courts. Further information about such remedies may be available through public or private interest attorneys, the Sonoma County Lawyer Referral Service, Legal Aide Society, a mediator, or dispute resolution service.

Contact Information for Complaints

Matt Dunkle

6321 Highway 116
Forestville, CA 95436-9699

Telephone: 707-887-2279

Homeless Families

If your family is currently experiencing housing issues,  including:

  • Staying in a shelter (family shelter, domestic violence shelter, youth shelter) or Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) trailer
  • Sharing housing with other(s) due to loss of housing, economic hardship, natural disaster, lack of adequate housing, or similar reason
  • Living in a car, park, campground, abandoned building, or other inadequate accommodations (i.e. lack of water, electricity, or heat)
  • Temporarily living in a motel or hotel due to loss of housing, economic hardship, natural disaster, or similar reason
  • or you are a student under the age of 18 and living apart from parent(s) or guardian

The information provided on this form will help Forestville Union School District  determine what services you and/or your child may be eligible to receive. This could include additional educational services
through Title I, Part A and/or the federal McKinney-Vento Assistance Act. The information provided on this form will be kept confidential and only shared with appropriate school district and site staff.

Our homeless Liaison is:

Matt Dunkle